slowing down

staying home to raise my 3 young children has caused me to reach down deep within my self and re-discover things that I have ALWAYS yearned to do and create, but never had time for before. how funny that having children would create more “time” for myself? time to ponder and reflect…and imagine again. just like when I was a child , simple things, that as an adult, you seem to overlook(or ignore). it’s as if my children have magically instilled in me the gift of time travel…I can instantly, wherever I may be, pause the stresses of adulthood and rewind to simpler, carefree, innocent times. and all I have to do to travel there is look into my children’s‘ eyes, their excitement as they tell me about their day. and the oh so beautiful sound of, “I love you, mommy”. it just reminds you to slow down a bit and to do some of the things that you’ve been longing to do for so long. for me, it means creating things. as a young family of five on one income, I’ve learned to “create” things myself simply out of financial lack. it finally occurred to me what deep satisfaction I get from doing it and how much calmer it makes me.I think I am a better mother to my children because of it. and so, I will continue to create… while they play.


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  1. Kalurah's Mom:

    I am mother to Kalurah, Grandma to Zoe, Zach and Zander. I’m very proud of the wife and mother my oldest daughter has become. She is very domestic, in a good way, and is extremely devoted to her family. She and Jason are very good parents who spend as much time as possible with their 3 children and the benefits to the whole family are readily apparent.
    I’m so pleased to see Kalurah inherited her father’s artistic talents instead of my lack thereof.