"super-absorbant" baby shower cake…

my friend Shelley had a boy in November and her nursery was “Classic Pooh”. I made this diaper cake for the baby shower based on the Classic Pooh color scheme.

I had a blast making it, and I can’t wait to do another one. I keep waiting for someone I know to get pregnant.

3-tier diaper cake ingredients…

1 large box of Huggies – size 3

transparent tape

classic pooh towel/wash rag set

wide satin ribbon

floral spray

paper towel tube

card board round covered in organza

the Pooh set is ‘baked’ into the cake tiers, so that the mommy-to-be will have a surprise when she gets it home and unwraps it.

the paper towel tube gives much needed ‘support’ to the cake and I just wrapped the Pooh set around it and then followed that with the layers of diapers. a very, very heavy cake! I worried the whole car ride over to the shower that I would have diaper shrapnel in the trunk, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it remained beautifully intact.

my 17 year- old brother actually thought this was a real cake when he saw it, and couldn’t understand why I had made such an extravagant piece of vestry for a baby shower!

the mommy-to-be loved it and it also made a nice conversation piece at the shower.


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  1. Liz:

    Hi! I came across your cake while doing a classic pooh picture search. I have my nursery in green classic pooh too and am expecting my second baby in a few weeks. I think your cake was adoreable, and very useful for that mom-to-be. It’s fun to have creative friends!