w.i.p…rippling rows

work in progress…my very first afghan. I used a

Random Stripe Generator program. I put in the colors I wanted to use and this is the pattern I ended up going with. I still have about 139 rows to go.

the red stripes were actually an afterthought, when I found a skein of red in a bag under my side table. I just hope I like it when I’m finished. I’ll keep you posted…

meanwhile, I have finished the scarf that I started on at the beginning of this month. as soon as I get a good pic of it, I’ll post it. it was originally meant for my sister because she loved the yarn and said it would make a great scarf. but upon finishing it, I’ve decided I cannot part with it. what a sister I am, ‘eh? that, along with the fact that she didn’t think the finished scarf was long enough. I told her I’ll buy a couple more skeins and whip one up for her… between afghan rows, of course!