back to craft…

okay. this IS a craft blog, right?

among other things, such as an outlet for you to feel better about the fact that you DON’T have three kids all age 5 and under!

or, if you DO have three little rugrats all at home, you and I can compare notes!

at any rate, I hope that I am living up to my blogging expectations. be it, craft, motherhood, hobbies or just being here for your sheer entertainment!

I realized the past several posts have been sans-craft.

since, just about the only “crafty” thing I’ve had time for lately is photography, I figured I would use that as a springboard.

and now to the big plunge, a four card note set. I took some pictures in the mausoleum garden at the local cemetery where we take our family walks.

I love how these succulent photos turned out! I printed each one out and attached them to four separate note cards.

I am still exploring options for how I am going to go about printing these out before selling them.

I know I don’t want to print them out on my Xerox. that’s how I did this set. and even though they printed great, I just don’t think it would be the most cost-effecient way of doing it!

since, this is just a “test” printing, I’ve decided to give this set to one of my dear and deserving readers.

so, here’s the dealy-o…comment on this post and tell me why you read my blog. I’d love to hear from all of you!

I will wait until everyone has had a chance to read the blog, since I know some of you don’t blog on the weekends.(perfectly understandable!)

I’ll continue posting on, my dears, but will wait to hear from all of you on this post until the end of Monday. on Tuesday morning, I will put all your names in my daughter’s Hello Kitty basket and let one of the boys draw a name.

until then, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do something special with your loved one(s)!


4 comments on this post.
  1. Claudia:

    i love your blog. almost everytime i check in there’s something that makes me smile. all your kids posts are pretty funny and they make me feel like i’m not alone as a blogging mom. if we were neighbors i think your kids and mine would be partners in crime.

    oh!, about “talking in his sleep”… last night my son diego slept with us and in the middle of the night a yelled in my right ear “i think that’s called ten dollars!”
    …?… ha!

  2. kalurah:

    lol! that’s hilarious! (what your son said)
    thank you for all your kind, supportive words regarding my blog, Claudia.
    p.s you’re the only one in the drawing, so far! :-)

  3. Heather:

    have you thought about Vista Print? Also, I think Kodak gallery will do photo note cards.

  4. kalurah:

    I’ll have to check into that. thanks, Heather!