recipes from a two year old…

a collection of interesting concoctions Zander has made up in the past while playing in the kitchen, unbeknownst to mommy.

Rice Cooker Surprise

tempura chicken


combine ingredients into a rice cooker already filled with steamed rice. stir.

NOTE: make sure your mommy is out of the room before trying out this recipe.

Carpet Pancakes

a box of Bisquick

maple syrup


combine ingredients on mommy’s dining room floor. stir with hands until well mashed into carpet fibers.

NOTE: plug your ears while your mommy screams bloody murder at the sight of your work.

Instant Buzz

1/3 bottle of over the counter Benadryl

cayenne pepper

shake half the container of ceyenne onto the kitchen floor. pour remainder of the Benadryl onto floor. go ahead and take a swig or two of the Benadryl and dump a fare share down your shirt and pants mommy just put on you 5 minutes ago.

now, lick the cayenne pepper off of your hands until you begin seeing stars and flames shoot out of your ears. sneeze.

NOTE: make sure to fall asleep right away so your mommy will completely lose her mind in worry.


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  1. Claudia:

    oh my! i’m sorry to say this but this is!

  2. Over The Top Aprons:

    I forgot to comment that I love the title of you blog and the words underneath and the picture of your children…….. quite grand! Corline

  3. kalurah:

    thank you very much for such kind words, Corline.

  4. hiccupp:

    LOL…we’ve had a few of thouse, though not QUITE as creative, maybe my son can study under yours :)

    We have had a mountain of garlic salt (which he loved?) a 5lb bag of flour, and then once the cayene pepper, which he seemed to like even though he kept saying HOT. HOT. HOT. but kept eating.

    I laughed at the “make sure mommy is out of the room before trying this recipe” man they’re good at “quick” recipes =P

  5. kalurah:

    no joke, they’re QUICK!
    the Benadryl/pepper incident all happened within two minutes!
    he was still licking and saying, “hot!”, when I came in the room.

  6. Blabby:

    Oh no – shortening? What a nightmare. My son got the lid off of a container of baking cocoa and spilled a bunch on the carpet. My genius husband thought that water and a paper towel would clean it right up. Although I appreciated the effort, I had to explain how cocoa powder and water actually makes hot chocolate – not clean carpets! Here’s to more adventures with cleaning products!