handmade thank you’s…

I’m sure you recall all the fabulous bragging I did about my new beautifully painted kitchen and living/dining room.

my wonderful aunt Jacqlin and her daughter, Maija dropped everything to come up here from Hood River to paint for me. I didn’t even have to ask. they offered willingly and lovingly.

and because I was so grateful and so honored by their hard work, I just couldn’t leave it at “thank you”.

no. you sillies.

that’s not enough.

not for what they did, not for all the back-breaking, neck cricking hours (days) they spent just for me and my family.

I am not an emotional person.

ask anyone.

there are a small handful of times when I have cried in public. and almost every one of them included a funeral, wedding or the birth of my three children.

but when my aunt and cousin left my house, thank you seemed so achingly hard to say.

what I felt at that moment was so beyond anything “thank you” could ever mean.

so I did what my heart felt it must do.

and I proceeded to weep and sob like a newborn baby.


yes, me.

so now my cousin, who is, by the way, a professional painter by trade, can tell all her perspective clientel, that one of her jobs moved a woman to tears!

I made a messenger bag for my aunt along with a handmade notebook that my hubbie handbound himself. (he was thankful too!)

my aunt often volunteers her time as a missionary. and she told me in the past she needed a good, strong bag for the fall. one that could get wet and not fall apart.

and the notebook holds a service record to keep track of her time in the ministry work.

for my cousin, Maija, I wanted to make her something to help her take care of her.

since she paints for a living with her husband, I know she must come home exhausted.

so, I made her a lavender and rice heat pack with a soft, fuzzy removable cover.

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