a new blog and a new pair of glasses…

I started on a project last week that is very dear to my mending, school-mom heart. this was the only way for me to let all of my focus remain on my sweet, baby girl…. and not have it classified as “border-line compulsion“. introducing:

Zoe is so excited about her new blog. in fact, she’s beginning to show early signs of a Blogg-a-holic! when we were on our walk on Saturday, we saw a funny, little squirrel that was hiding up in a tree with a big berry stuffed in his mouth. she pulled out her camera and took a picture then whipped herself around and shouted, “Put this on my blog!” now how often do you hear that, I ask you? I’m hoping this will raise my excitement level over this whole “school” thing. so far, it’s been therapeutic for this love-lorn mama. I get to hear her tell me all about her day at school and then in turn, I get to share in that experience by helping her put it on her blog. as she learns to write and spell, she will soon be taking over her little space and will truly make it her own. a thought that absolutely terrified me before, now has me aching in sheer expectation. I am looking to the future with a shiny new pair of rose-colored glasses. and I never want to take them off.


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  1. Iguana Banana:

    Kalurah –
    Have you looked into being a classroom mama one day a week? Or every couple of weeks? You’ve got such great gifts and talents to share, I would think that your daughter’s teacher would love to have your help/expertise. What school doesn’t want volunteers? Then, you could share some school time rather than counting the minutes until your lovely girl returns home.
    I giggled when I read about the squirrel and the demand to blog. Good for her! I can’t wait to read what she’s posted! See you there.

  2. Iguana Banana:

    Just stopped by Zoe’s Room – could she be any cuter. And you are one cool mom. What a fun thing to do together. My girls are working on tying shoes, too. (I am not a cool mom – Via is 8 yrs old and still can’t tie her shoe – thank goodness for elastic laces.)

  3. bari:

    Bad, Kalurah. Two girls were looking over my shoulder at this and now we have two more bloggers in this house. Who will win out for computer time. This is gonna cost me, and I believe it’s all your fault.