autumn crisp, in the air and in the kitchen…

I am a summer girl, through and through. every year, as summer fades away and autumn’s crisp air flows in through the windows, I am saddened. I say, “goodbye” to my tan. “goodbye” to my tanktop drawer. and the cute little bottle of sunscreen on my keychain. the one thing I do relish in when autumn arrives, is BAKING! I fill up the kitchen with fragrant aromas and the warmth of the oven. ahhhh….. baking bliss. so be prepared for lots of baking posts this season. I’ll be brimming with them. I already have a list compiled in my Rolodex brain of all the recipes I want to share.

nothing says “autumn” like apple crisp! my neighbor just brought over fresh apples right from the orchard and after the kids had their way with them, I made an easy crisp with the remainder of them. recipe here.

start by peeling the apples.

core the apples.

and slice.

throw in a bowl…

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