does this look like the face of a 30 year old?

I don’t even celebrate my birthday. so this really, really isn’t a big deal. now, can you guys please tell everyone else on the planet that? seriously, what gives? people act as if 30 is the magic number that when you reach it, your hair suddenly turns gray, your spine bends forward slightly and you make an appointment with the local Mortuary to look at silk color swatches for the lining of your casket. every birthday that has come and gone, I have walked away from, unscathed. no bruises. no soars. no pain. actually, I look back at my life after thirty years and I see all that I have accomplished…. teenage modeling gig . (try not to laugh at the dress!) my baptism. my wedding day. going back to school to get my High School diploma. (while working part time with a 3 year old and 1 year old at home.) oh. and I made THESE. okay. so the guy in the Wedding Day photo helped me make ‘em. but still, just look at what a great job we I did! and I threw in that Fall Fashion show at 16 just for good measure! I mean, it was fun doing it and for a while, I actually had the fleeting thought that the super model life might be in my future. then it dawned on me, I just don’t enjoy the “5 M&M’s and a pack of cigarettes for lunch” diet. all in all, I have had some great experiences. and look! I even have my own Shrine. do you have your own shrine?

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  1. Heather:

    Happy Birthday to you! I am really excited about my upcoming 30th!! Eat a piece of cake for me.

  2. Iguana Banana:

    Happy, Happy Birthday. What a great time to celebrate YOU. It only gets better and better after 30 (I should know. I’m going to be 42 this year! ACK!) But really, it’s all good. Enjoy it and enjoy celebrating you. Look at all of the fabulous things that you have done so far. Aren’t you looking forward to another fabulous 30, 40, 50, years?

  3. Galadriel Thompson:

    I wish you so much happiness on your 30th birthday Kalurah! Mine is coming up very soon. I love your family, and you are such a beautiful inspiration.

    much love

  4. kalurah:

    you ladies are all so very sweet!!!
    I really do appreciate all your caring thoughts and well-wishes.
    even though I do not celebrate my birthday, this marker in my life has given me a chance to reflect.
    and it has only deepened my appreciation for all that I have and all the great people in my life.
    you girls, included!
    thank you for that! :)

  5. Bari:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. jen:

    happy birthday! if i could leave a green tea cupcake in the comments section i would! hope you are having a good day!

    oh, and thirty is nothing. i mean, i’m glad i’m out of my twenties now.

  7. Kalurah's Mom:

    I cannot believe it’s been 30 years since the joyous day that I became a mother for the first time! And you have grown from a fun, exhuberant little girl to a slightly annoying teenager into a beautiful woman, inside and out. Your Dad and I are very proud of all your accomplishments, especially when it comes to your choice of Jason as a husband (the best!) and your 3 fun, exciting, beautiful children. I thank God every day for the blessings of my family and I pray that your sister and brother both find the kind of happiness you’ve found with your family.

  8. Amy Herbst:

    Happy belated birthday!! (from another gal who’s “over the hill” ;) )

  9. hiccupp:

    Not too shabby lady! ;) And way to rock the 30 :)

    here’s hoping the next 30 are as wonderful!

  10. kalurah:

    thanks, Sarah! :)

  11. Wende:

    I’m sorry to have missed this post! Happy Belated Birthday. You were and ARE lovely. :D