I’ve lost control again…

(the following photos are documentation of the simple fact that I am a pushover.)

I went into this school year telling Zoe that I would drop her off and pick her up from school. every day.

she would not be utilizing our city’s school transportation system.

nor, would she have the will power it takes to get herself ready a half hour earlier to make it out to the bus stop.

no. mother knows best when it comes to these things. you’ll just have to accept the fact that I will be taking you to school and picking you up.

what just happened?


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  1. hiccupp:


    ok mom – deep breaths! In through the nose, out through the mouth….

    Maybe…maybe she’ll hate it? Maybe she’ll come home BEGGING you to take her tomorrow.

    Maybe….ok mom – deep breaths!


  2. hiccupp:

    uhh…myabe *I* need to go back to school. “aww” is generally spelled with an a, as opposed to the s I used above. =O

  3. kalurah:

    lol, Sarah! I just figured the “sww” was the sound one makes when breathing in through their mouth. :)
    (I won’t say anything about the spelling of “maybe” in your second comment!)
    *wink, wink* ;)

  4. missficklemedia.com:

    I just found you through Bari J.’s blog and throughly enjoyed reading this past months posting.
    You have a beautifully expressive way of writing that keeps people engaged and relating.
    I must have laughed out loud 3 or 4 times!
    My heart is with you as you adjust to your dear girl in kindergarten.

  5. bari:

    Joke’s on you, Miss Kalurah!

  6. Wende:

    That just terrifies me!! :D

  7. hiccupp:

    Oh god! LOL!

    someone help me! I need remedial spelling…or typing?