the last of the summer peaches…

summer is on it’s way out the proverbial “door”.

alot of things are passing us by.

not only our children, as they rush out the door to school.

but also some of the juiciest, sweetest parts of summer.

the last of the summer peaches are just crying out to us.

they’ve had a good, long run and now their time is up.

answer their mouth watering plea.

it’s time for one last summer fling.

a friend gave me the very last of his peaches from his backyard and said, “Hurry, eat ‘em fast!”

I am not one to take instructions lightly so I went straight home, washed them up and decided what my plans would entail for these soft, golden lovelies.

first, and most simple.

fresh sliced peaches with Vanilla Ice cream.

(eyes rolling back to head, mouth drooling, cellulite swooning.)

second, fresh peach buttermilk scones.

two words.



third, a fresh peach smoothie.

a perfect, healthy snack for the kiddos when they get home from school.

or, a snack for mommy….

(you could just take the peaches and Ice cream from above and blend it in the blender.)

and pretend it’s a smoothie.

(I swear, I won’t tell anyone!)

here is the easiest way to prepare your peaches:

start with a large stock pot full of water. (leave some room at the top for your added peaches.)

bring to a boil.

while water comes to a boil, fill a medium size bowl (or your sink) with icewater. (leave room at top for the peaches.)

take boiling water off the heat.

drop your peaches in. (careful not to splash.)

ONLY leave them in for 30 secs. TOPS!!

lift peaches out with slotted spoon and drop into ice bath.

chill, babies, chill.

put a towel down to rest your cooled peaches on and a couple paper towels to put your peels on.

grab the skin at the top of the peach with the straight edge of a pairing knife and pull down.

skin will fall off easily.

once you’ve removed the skins, run your knife around the center of the entire peach.

twist and pull apart.

use your thumb to push the stone out of the peach.

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