touched by a butterfly…

Ahna’s post made me think about the importance of my role as Zoe’s mother and how I need to shift my focus towards the “big” picture. I need to help her through this process and stop thinking about how it affects me. she is on a new journey that all young women must begin in time. this is the current stage of her beautiful butterfly life and she needs to know that I am here for her if she happens to need me. pretty  /></a></div></p><p></p><p><div><b>Dear butterfly,   </b></div></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>Majestic monarch of the sky,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>holder of universal secrets and reasons why,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>color my canvas, touch my heart before I die,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>to live in joy, teach me how never to say good-bye.</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>As you flutter by, you hear me sigh,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>things missed because I forgot to try,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>on your serene beauty I can rely,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>oh what celestial magic you do supply.</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>Once you did struggle to be free,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>you turned your life around to show me,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>amazing my angel how you heard my plea,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>you’ve cocooned my mind so I can see.</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>Lets fly together both as one,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>and sore beyond time, once upon,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>our silken wings God has spun,</b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><b>Souls entwined, our infinite journey has just begun. </b></p><p><div>   </div></p><p><div>   Michael Levy   </div></p><div class=

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  1. Iguana Banana:

    That was really a nice thing to say – both about me and your daughter. Thank you. Isn’t it amazing the amount of turmoil we put ourselves through because we love our children so very much? BTW -that’s a lovely poem by Michael Levy. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Richelle:

    It doesn’t get any easier, we are ending 2 1/2 weeks for Sydney and I still watch the clock.

    Your right though, I’ve been doing a lot of focusing on how I feel and not so much on her. I think that’s because she (Like Zoe) is doing great. They arn’t waiting all day to come home to us. They are having fun.

    All we can do is welcome them home with open arms and share the rest of the day letting them know how proud we are of them.

    Thanks for the post, it made me smile and frown. Sometimes we need that.

  3. Galadriel Thompson:

    That is so weird! We must be on the same sad heart waves or something. I just posted a little “Isobel in review” post and came right over here to check on you guys. Then I see you had already done it!

    I promise I will post on being tagged! Promise! This is the first time I’ve been on the computer since the last time I posted.

    You are such a beautiful mommy and Zoe is so lucky and blessed to have you. Hugs and warm fall wishes.