eastern passage…

I’ve finally finished up a project I started early last week. I did some patchwork out of some Asian scraps that I used on my cousins place mats for her wedding anniversary early this year.

I thought these same prints would look awesome as a baby blanket.

a very cool, chic baby blanket.

the reverse side is a supple, lofty minky fabric.

have you all heard of Minky?

if not, it is a luscious billowy fabric that does actually mimic that of a mink-type softness and warmth. although, no animals were forcefully volunteered in the Minky’s manufacturing process.

100% Polyester, baby!

I quilted the blanket so it has a loftiness to it but is still a nice lightweight blanket.

I think it would also look awesome as a wall hanging or even as a centerpiece on the dining table.

I really enjoyed working on it and it turned out so gorgeous, that I am once again, broken up over passing it along to someone else.

but I know it will be truly loved by whomever buys it.

I’ll have it listed in my shop later today along with some extra photos.

have a great Tuesday, all!


6 comments on this post.
  1. hiccupp:

    so. stinkin. cute.

    LOVE the colors! :)

  2. Lauren:

    Oh, I love the baby blanket!! Neutral color (for le boy or le girl), looks very soft and snuggly!

    I happen to know someone who is having a baby soon. Hmmmm…. Will this be in the Etsy shop?

  3. Lauren:

    Ummm… heh heh

    If I would have read the end of the post, I would know that it will be in the shop!

    Brain fade!

  4. apples on a stick:

    That is so pretty! I can’t believe you had the patience to quilt the minky. I hate sewing with minky, it is so stretchy and no matter how much I pin it it always shifts and stretches.

  5. Bethany:

    Fabulous. I love this. Some baby is going to have one rocking blankie to snuggle up with.

  6. Mrs. G.:

    This is absolutely stunning! I love the colors and I love Minky…so soft. I would like a comforter made of it.

    I love your blog.