etsy shop update today @ 10am PT!!

I finally finished the small list of unfinished projects that were taunting me from my sewing room.

it doesn’t help matters when the sewing room is “on the way” to the laundry room. so, I get struck with that feeling of guilt every time I pass by.

I’m adding some crocheted items to the shop as well as another Onesie and a stroller blanket.

ooooh, the stroller blanket…..

I almost wept as I cut that adorable Hopscotch fabric into 4 inch squares! I picked it up at a local antique store and I fell in love with it the second I saw it.

one drawback to vintage fabric though…..very fragile!

the first stitch I made, the stitches were a little too close together and they ended up perforating the fabric and the poor old relic just fell apart. it was sad.

but I finally got the stitches to the right length and ended up free-quilting the top for extra stability.

cute, cute, cute.

almost makes me wish I had my own baby on the way to use it for.


it’s not that cute!

hoping everyone has a happy Friday!


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  1. Mrs. G.:

    Oh that quilt on the left is wonderful. I love etsy but I haven’t been able to buy anything in a year because I can’t remember my username and there is no place to change your username on the site–only your password (which I do remember) and I can’t get anyone to answer the phone. Can you sense my frustration?

    Don’t feel guilty about your laundry because one thing I know after having been at home with kids for a looong time is that your laundry will be there tomorrow and the next day…so forget about it today. With that said, today is my day off and I’m leaving the laundry behind and taking my kids to see the new Dan movie.

  2. Bari:

    I LOVE this quilt! Makes me wish I had a baby too. Uh oh, better go find a screaming baby around the neighborhood to cure me!

  3. kalurah:

    mrs. G
    I can appreciate that they don’t want people changing their username on a whim whenever it floats their boat but in your case, they really should have a red emergency button that you can click on.
    OR, you think they could have you enter a series of personal info questions you already gave them and then find your username that way!!!
    whatever. etsy could still use some work! but all in all, I love it! :)

    I agree with your laundry philosophy but I think I’ve discovered new spores of mold by doing it that way! ;)

    lol! I am always offering my kids as birth control, when people say they’re thinking of conceiving. ;)