smooth selling…

Yay!! I’ve had my very first sale at my etsy shoppe!

I shipped my Geisha Coaster set off to New York yesterday morning. I hope the buyer loves them.

I am so stoked right now, it’s insane!

I know alot of people voiced their love for that Geisha set so I am working on another set for the shoppe. it won’t be exactly the same, of course but very similar. I’ll let you all know once I’ve listed them.

I hope everyone has a glorious extended weekend!


3 comments on this post.
  1. hiccupp:

    ohhh how exciting! :)

    Hope there are many more!

    (of course there will be!)

  2. Ben:

    Yay!! To the first of MANY!!

    Congrats Kalurah!

    Lauren, Ben & Mags

  3. Mrs. G.:

    Yahooooo…may this be the first of many, many more sales. I love these coasters. They are so vibrant. Go Kalurha!