the "F" word…

post update:

I know, I know.

I think this is awful and it has truly upset me. I have felt like no one around me gets just how damaging this could be to small, impressionable ones. My hubbie gave me a look, the first time I pointed it out, like, “Yeah. So? Society today is rude and uncooth. What of it? You want to save the world? Go right ahead. Leave me out of it. If you need me, I’ll be eating a bag of chips.”

That is NOT what the hubbie said, mind you.

That’s just the general impression I got from him. And I get what he means but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it or accept it!

I am going to be a half-coward and email Zoe’s teacher about this. And ask her, point blank, if she even noticed it or gave it a second thought.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your wonderful input. You ladies ROCK!

I like to see my tax dollars hard at work. It’s comforting to know that our school system wants our children to use the “proper” labels for people. Teaching them to respect others and treat everyone equally.

I would hate to think that my child could be bringing home with her preconceptions of the things around her.

Or, rather, mis-conceptions.


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  1. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Oh My! Is that for real?

  2. Heather:


  3. Mrs. G.:

    Yikes. Just what kids need: class room ammo. How insensitive.

  4. She She:

    Oh dear. I hope this is a very, very old worksheet.

  5. kalurah:

    I was completely floored by the insensitivity of this. I think my mouth actually hung wide open for the better part of five minutes. Interrupted by the frequent, “I…”, “Wha….”, “It…”, “Uh,…”.
    I think someone’s brain was on a serious holiday when they were photocopying this from a 1980 textbook.

  6. Bari:

    Oh, my. That is B-A-D. I’ve seen junk come home from school before, but this sort of takes the cake.

  7. Iguana Banana:

    Please tell me that you are sending this back to the principal and planning on having a discussion with the principal and teacher. That is just wrong. And what exactly was the lesson being taught by this worksheet? I’d love to hear the teacher defend the decision to suck up valuable learning time with THIS – gadzooks!!!
    I have so much I could say about this… but my mouth is agape and I am drooling on the keyboard.
    Thank goodness your children come home to you. I’m sorry that you have to unteach when she returns home.

    on a completely different note: Thanks for the comment re:the cookie photo. I can’t wait to keep shooting. Any tips on using a flash?

  8. Liz:

    You should definitely speak to the teacher. Way, way wrong.

  9. Moxy Jane:

    Oh, for shame! And…this may just be my twisted self…but why does it look like the person in the drawing might possibly be sitting on or standing near a toilet?! Am I the only one who sees this? The whole thing is just nutty. Definitely time for a chit-chat with the teacher.

  10. Claudia:

    good lord!
    that’s just not acceptable, as parents of a kindergartener, we are constantly watching ourselves from using any inappropriate words, i would really be upset if Diego came home with that worksheet. i think that “f” word it’s something for you to talk to your kids about not a worksheet, couldn’t they find a different word?!… i don’t know… like fan or fire or ferret!

    i’m glad you’re going to have a word with the teacher, i wonder what she’ll have to say.

  11. kalurah:

    I haven’t heard anyone sum it up as clearly and perfectly as you just did!
    That IS the point, here: it is OUR job, as the parent to discuss this type of thing with our children at home. It does NOT belong on a worksheet!
    Bravo. Here’s the teacher’s number…let me know how it goes.
    I WILL muster up the courage to talk to her about it, once Winter Break is over.
    Thanks, Claudia. :)

  12. Bethany:

    I with you, this needs to be brought up. Our kids (girls especially) have enough crap sprayed at them…this is utterly ridiculous.

  13. EC:

    I cannot wait to hear how your conversation with the teacher goes!