Bringing me sunshine, on a cloudy day…

I double-dog-dare you to watch this without smiling.

As you can see in the video, older brother, Zach, is feeling much better!

Filmed and edited by Jason (AKA: Daddy)


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  1. ame:

    I believe you have an actor / race car driver on your hands! LOL

  2. Kalurah's Mom:

    As your Grandmother used to say, if only we could bottle the energy of kids and sell it, we’d be millionaires! I’m so glad they’re both well and full of spunk. Sure beats laying in a hospital bed hooked up to iv’s and oxygen.

  3. M:

    That did indeed make me smile. How cute!

  4. hiccupp:

    lol…that was awesome, I think the backwards underwear and the pause to ‘hike’ them are my favorites. (as its a style and a maneuver I see quite often around here!)

  5. sarah:

    very funny….such a familiar event around here – but we have 2 such vehicles and 2 such speed demons. and i have many bruises on my legs.

  6. kalurah:

    My favorite part is when he stares at the camera and performs some odd type of tongue exercise.(time, 1:26-1:31)
    I’m glad you all got a kick out of it, too!
    Believe you, me. You will not see an installment any time soon of any future Peanut Butter Incidents. ;)

  7. bari:

    That was adorable! How many times do you think he went back and forth? I loved the drama at the end.

  8. EC:

    Oh god, that was hilarious! I love that your boys dress exactly like mine. Underwear is standard dress around here.

    Too funny!

  9. Richelle:

    That’s great I loved it. I’m so glad to see Zach feeling better. I hope to see you all soon. (Hey I finally updated my blog, sorry about locking it I’ll explain it to you later, but I gave you premission to read itso you should be fine.

  10. Mrs. G.: