Gentle cycle…

Thank you all so much for your well wishes for Zachary and for me as well.

My heart is so full right now, I think it could literally burst.

In a good way.

I am sorry that I was not able to get back to all of your lovely comments.

It’s been a little hectic around here.

I have always made it a habit, when someone is sweet enough to comment here on my humble little blog, to go and visit their blog, in turn and return the thought.

But time seems to be slipping through my fingers along with my sanity and any shred of control that I once held over everyday life.

When you’re a mother and you get in a groove, sort of speak, a way of doing things that feels comfortable to you, you grow quite accustomed to things just working out the way they always do.

And then, one day, something happens to throw everything way out of whack.

Like shoving way too much laundry in the load of life, your (cycle) begins to spin quickly and completely off balance.

I guess I just need to stop, pull out a few unnecessary items and reload. Hopefully, then I can keep things running smoothly.

The last thing I want is for things to go sour or to lose a gasket.

I had a very sweet blogging friend pass on an award to me yesterday. I treasure these awards and I appreciate every one of them with all my bloggy heart and soul.

In turn, I am suppose to award ten people who make my day through their blog.

I am afraid though, that as full as I am finding said heart and soul, I am just going to graciously accept this award with many thanks and simply say this:

I think that all of you lovely ladies that pass through here each deserve your own award for leaving a wide open space in your heart and your thoughts for me and my family.

So, if you have taken the time to read all of this emotional drivel, please pick up an award at the door. And accept it with my thanks.

You deserve it.


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  1. Kalurah's Mom:

    Wow, I’m your first comment on this post! I’m glad things are getting back to “normal”?! You’re such a good mother and I know Zachary appreciates you even when he’s mad at the world for the pain he’s in. Hang in there and we will help you as much as we possibly can. I really missed having my Mom close by when I went through the trials that mothers go through with their kids, so I want to be here for you anytime you need me. Don’t feel pressured to blog if you are too busy and I’m sure every one of your loyal readers will understand. Just take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family. I love you!

  2. kalurah:

    Thank you, mom.
    I needed that. :)
    I love you, too.

  3. FrenchGardenHouse:


    Your Mom is so right! There is nothing more important than you and your sweet family. Take care of yourself and them first.

    The rest of the world will still be here once your get back to “normal”….
    ps. Praying for your little guy!
    xo Lidy

  4. kalurah:

    Thank you, Lidy. :)

  5. tina:

    Bless your heart!!!

    Hang in there, clutch tightly to your knowledge of what truly is important! Then count your blessings and pass one on. After that? Do make sure that you do something really lovely for YOU—— it all starts with YOU, and you need to take special care!

  6. Richelle:


    I just checked the sight! I’m so sorry I didn’t know. I hope you are all doing better. Especially Zach, but my heart goes to the mommy (that’s you) as well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you (I’m not just saying that I mean it).

    Love you all,

  7. M:

    I too have to agree with your mom. Such words of wisdom.
    I’ve been thinking about you and your family so much lately. I wish that I could just come and see you. I hope you know how much I love all of you…

  8. Wende:

    Hey darlin’,

    I hope Zach is feeling better. You’ve been in my prayers this weekend. I don’t know where my comment on the last post went.

    And you deserve that award! I’m still giggling over the whole peanut butter story.

  9. Claudia:

    i hope things are looking much better today for Zack and the rest of your family. take good care of yourself.


  10. marsbarn:

    Oh, I love your laundry analogy. It is so very hard to get back into that rhythm we mother’s love. And I do so hate that clunk, clunk, clunk that shakes the house when the load is off kilter.

    I am glad your sweet boy is back at home. What a difficult time. Your photos are heart tugging and lovely all at once. That bit of blue is a lovely accent in your previous post .. who knew rubber gloves could give such a detail to a photo? (Well, you did obviously… What was I thinking?!)

    Wishing you a bit of calm so you can move on to the dry cycle…

  11. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    He looks so happy and brave all hooked up like that–what a little trooper! Lord love you, honey. I’m keeping Zachary in my prayers, and your peace of mind too.

  12. kalurah:

    Thank you all so much!
    It felt so good to come to my blog today and see all these lovely thoughts waiting for me.

    I love your clunk, clunk analogy and the bit about the dry cycle.
    How fitting.

    I brought Zachary to the computer and shared all your loving thoughts with him. He had a big flushed grin on his face!

    THANK YOU! :)