more recipes from a 2 year old…


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  1. hiccupp:

    …HAH!!! I haven’t laughed so hard all week! :) Oh Kalurah, that boy of yours makes me smile :D

    heehee, I’ll be giggling about this all day ;)

  2. Jenn @ Juggling Life:

    Will not be trying. Sorry.

  3. kalurah:

    I took a pretty big chance with this one.

    But what can I say? This is my life. This child does this type of thing weekly! What kind of person am I if I don’t share his talent with the world???? ;)

    Please consider how badly I wanted to put “Ingredients and Equipment: Two Wieners”


  4. Julia Denos:

    LOL!! that’s hilarious. btw, i’m wearing your cute-as-pie cream neck warmer. i lovvvvve this thing to death. i don’t care if spring is almost here!

  5. kalurah:

    I’m so glad you like it, Julia.
    Next fall/winter will be here before you know it!

  6. EC:

    holy crap. Now THAT’s funny!!!

  7. Bethany:

    Ahahahahhahahaha! I need boys!