The epitome of sleep deprivation…

I felt a headache coming on this morning, so I went into the bathroom to remove my contacts.

I popped out my brand new monthly pair from their foil wrapped homes, cleaned them with saline and put them in my peepers.

A few minutes later, I thought to myself, “Self… boy are these contacts fuzzy for being fresh from the package.”

The thought fleeted. I went about my day, all the while feeling increasingly dizzy.

What in the heck is going on? These are the same ‘ol brand of contacts I always wear. Nothings changed, not even the prescription.

I drove to my ironing job later this afternoon and noticed mid-drive that my eyes were crossing.

And on top of that, my headache wasn’t gone yet.

Dinner rolled around and by now , I was beginning to feel a bit nauseous from all the tricks my corneas were playing on me.

I decided it was time to just let my eyes rest a bit, so I went into the bathroom, pulled out my contact case, reached into my eyeball, removed my contact and when I looked up to remove the left one, I discovered that Oh my! My eyesight has miraculously been recovered! My contact was removed and I still had perfect vision.

No. I had simply failed to remove the original pair of contacts from my eyes before putting the new ones in.

This, my friends, is a perfect case of “Mommy needs more sleep”.

Or possibly, “Mommy’s brain cells have all been fried because she has three small children who have made it their personal goal to drive her nuts.”

Take your pick.

As a mother(or just as a general crazy person), what’s the most retarded thing you’ve done “on the job”?


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  1. Claudia:

    i’m sorry kalurah but i couldn’t help myself from giggling a little bit. i’m actually running on sleep deprivation myself. i hope you get some sleep soon :)

  2. EC:

    Ummm, am I bad because I thought that was funny! I’m going to have to ponder the last question though….

  3. Richelle:

    Well, does hanging my self upside down by my underwear count?

    As far as contacts go I have had to call Travis and ask him how he was seeing. The reponse wa fantastic I can’t believe how clear things are today! I was sorry when I had to say “Great, now can you bring me home my contacts?”

    We got him into the eye doctor right away after that, and no I am not going to give you the story on the underwear!

  4. kalurah:

    He put yours in, as well as his???
    So, he’s as with it as I am. :)

  5. piscesgrrl:

    Oh my! i don’t miss contacts. I don’t remember putting contacts over contacts, but I do remember taking off my *glasses* and then grabbing my eyeball to take out a non-existent contact a time or two.

    Habits, y’know….