Words you will only hear a mother say…..

“Why is there butter in your ear?”


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  1. Claudia:

    ha ha!
    i would love to hear the story behind this one :)

  2. M:

    Which one had the butter in the ear?

  3. kalurah:

    Even I don’t know the story!!
    I never did find out how it happened. And all the evidence was removed as well. Which, quite frankly, disturbs me.

    Zander! I’ve caught him eating butter before but never moisturizing his ear with it.

    (p.s. Is that Koshka on your Blogger Profile? So cute!)

  4. Jenn @ Juggling Life:

    Did you REALLY want the answer?

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    I wish I could ask those questions looking just like June Cleaver. I wish I had that sort of detatched, calm curiosity…

  6. Mariam:

    Butter in the ears?!!!
    That sounds yucky,, But anyways kids do strange things… It’s not wierd to find butter in the strangest places ever!!!

  7. Wende:

    Seriously, why do you ask questions you don’t want answers to? This is the same child with the Peanut butter, right? Snarf. :D

  8. Jennifer:

    how funny….

  9. kalurah:

    I don’t know.

    Yes, I know what you mean.
    Detached is a very good word! Actually, I’ve seen those mothers, up close, in their natural habitat. And it’s a bit scary. I think that glazed over look is because they’ve lost all of their marbles. (thanks to their children)
    I’m glad I’m NOT one of them….yet. ;)

    Yes. Sadly, it isn’t strange!

    You wisenheimer, you!
    And I mean that in the most loving way. You crack me up!! :)

    You have to laugh to keep from crying. :)