Zach: “Mommy! That doggie’s name is Beau! We had a doggie named Beau, remember? But he died.”

Me: “Yes…..”

Zach: “Who killed him, mommy?”

Me: “Nobody killed him sweetie, he had cancer.”

Zach: (in deep thought) “Beau didn’t smoke!”


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  1. hiccupp:

    hah :)

    I thought of you this morning when my dear son about ripped off his ‘big-toe’ toenail. :p ugh.

    Not ENTIRELY sure how, something about the door…but it looks like he caught it, bent about 1/3 of it back so badly its bleeding underneath, but still on. Very odd.

    Even odder, that I thought of you and thought I should share this tale with you. When did you get so lucky? :) lol

  2. Minnesota Matron:

    Love that! Today we saw someone smoking while driving. My five-year old called out for a police man for immediate assistance!

  3. kalurah:

    Sarah (hiccup)~
    That is sad and hilarious and somewhat flattering ALL at the same time! :P

    HA!! Now that is comedy! :)

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    I bet he didn’t tan either;)

  5. kalurah:

    hee, hee, hee! :)