Congratulations, Zoe!!!

It only seems like yesterday that I was telling you all about how difficult embarking on this milestone was for me. Sending my firstborn, my little girl off into the big world, all by herself. It seems silly now, looking back. I no longer wait at the bus stop, biting my fingers to nubs. Or stare at the clock every hour on the hour. I guess I’ve grown over this past year, as well. But now it’s her little brother’s turn. Zachary begins Kindergarten this fall. Here we go again.

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  1. Kalurah's Mom:

    I can’t believe our precious baby girl is graduating kindergarden! It’s a little scarey seeing her grow up so fast, but she is a beautiful young lady and we’re very proud of her.
    Congratulations, Zoe!
    Papa and Grandma love you very much!

  2. KleeGirl:

    Wow! I can’t believe all of this! It’s seems to be happening so suddenly and I can’t figure where the time has gone. First Kody, and now our little ‘cookie-face’ is growing up, so fast, seriously. That’s not suppose to happen! ;^) And you’re right, next year Zach! Ahhh! -Keisha

  3. jen:

    :) what a big girl – off to the first grade this fall!

    wow, time really does fly. (my mom says this all the time, i guess i’m becoming more like her! we’re getting older and the kids are growing up!)

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Awwww, they are so cute! A fun milestone!

  5. Iguana Banana:

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous, growing girl you have. She has such a proud look on her face!
    We had a graduation this spring as well. Noni graduated from Kindergarten. I cried.
    And, hey, you made it, too. Congratulations to you, too. :-)