It’s time for a mommy vacation, when…..

…..the children create an impromptu Ice Rink on the Kitchen and Living room floor with a dozen eggs.

…..right after a bath.

(Yes, that’s my children, the future Olympic Salmonella Skating Champions of the World.)


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  1. hiccupp:

    oh mama! :o :D

    well, on the upside….at least they’re not carpeted. ;)

    I know, not much comfort when mopping up breakfast foods.

    but think, someday you can sell one HECK of a cleaning tips book ;) and then use the profits to take your much needed vacation!

  2. AmyL:

    oh goodness. And I bet they were all sparkley clean for meeting weren’t they? hahahahaha. The funniest thing is that your kids look so cute and innocent. It is hilarious to see that they are spunky little hooligans. Think positive, these are going to be awesome memories for them. Remember the time when . . . . I only wish that I had skated on slimey eggs when I was a kid. ahhhh, the things that I missed out on. hahahaha

  3. kalurah:

    A cleaning tips book! Ha!!!
    Great idea! I’ll make a fortune. I love it! :)

    Of course it was right before meeting. This is the order of the chaos that is my life!!!!!
    Aaaaahhhhh!! Needless to say, I just shrunk into a tiny ball on the floor and threw in the proverbial “towel”.
    I spent the next half hour Mr. Cleaning, rinsing, Mr. Cleaning some more, and double-rinsing.
    And then of course there was the chore of sanitizing the boys.
    P.S Send coffee!

  4. marsbarn:

    Okay, your day trumps mine!


  5. jen:

    wow, what a handful! :)

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Oh no. Oh no no no no no. You need to book a spa treatment stat!