Missing: Two tonsils and a six-year-old’s smile…

Pre-surgery, Zoe was upbeat and willing. Ready and raring to go.

“Are you nervous, sweetie?”

“Pffffft! No.” (As if to say, “Mommy! I AM six years old, I KNOW what I’m doing!”)

What a brave little girl!

The “relaxing” medicine they gave her right before hand was the most entertaining part of our day. Although, watching my little girl act like a raging drunk wasn’t the prettiest thing to witness.

Here is the elephant on her hospital room wall, that she INSISTED was currently charging at her:

Vicious looking….isn’t it!!!????

Waiting for the O.R. to call her down was just slightly beyond excruciating.

I had my trusty drug of choice coping mechanism standing by…..

And so did Daddy……

Some of the longest 45 minutes of my life went by…..

This is the part of parenthood I cannot stand….the loss of control, the feeling of worry and helplessness. Every parent goes through it. Every parent loathes it.

But she did great. No problems, no bumps or hiccups. Minimal blood loss and she returned from surgery fast asleep.

Aaaaaah…… A huge sigh of relief. My baby girl is back with me and she is okay.

And then, she woke up……….

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