Here we go AGAIN!

Send chocolate. And coffee. And LOTS of Kleenex!


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  1. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Oh he's so sweet! And so little! I know what you mean–lots of chocolate, coffee & Kleenex.

  2. jen:

    oh!!!! sending hugs.

  3. Kalurah's Mom:

    I can’t believe I have TWO grandchildren in school already!
    Yikes! I feel really old. Zach will do fine as soon as he makes some friends in his class. By the time Zander starts kindergarden you’ll be celebrating on the first day of school. Hang in there!

  4. AmyL:

    oh my goodness, so cute. Look how his little noggin only comes to the top of the door handle. I am sure he thought he was very big and grown up to be going to school, but he just looks cute! :)