Confessions of a raging yarn addict…

I spent $100 at the local yarn shoppe today.

*blushing* P.S. What are your luxury splurges?


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  1. ame:

    I spent $200 on a kitchen faucet today . . . and it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HomeMadeOriginals:

    I know that is easy to do…I spent $60 at mine today. My yarn was lovely alpaca for 5 custom orders for neck warmers so it wasn’t quite as decadent as my usual yarn purchases. What are you going to make?

  3. kalurah:

    Oooh! I would actually LOVE to buy a new kitchen faucet! I am jealous. :P

    I actually broke into the first skein last night while sitting in the ER with my 5 yr old! He got his middle finger slammed in the door at his Nana’s house. :(
    After two hours in the hospital, he left without any broken bones and a fat bandaged finger and I left with a crocheted hat for my sister! :) It made the time pass more quickly. ;)

  4. HomeMadeOriginals:

    Sorry to hear about your son’s finger but you are a woman after my own heart carrying yarn with you everywhere you go.

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    What gorgeous colors! Good for you–you’ll put it to good use. I’m shameless in greenhouses and bookstores.

  6. AmyL:

    Well, I have to say, as I am SURE you know, that yarn is one of my top splurges. Also chocolate and coffee, though thankfully since I am not a fan of cat crap (Kopi Luwak) those are never too expensive. :)

  7. Kalurah's Mom:

    My big splurge this month was just under $200 for a repair on my Lexus instrument panel so I’ve been driving without any idea how fast I’m going or how much gas I have in my tank…fun! It’s quite unnerving to look down at your dash and see a dark cavern of wires and cobwebs, but hopefully by Friday my freshly repaired instrument panel will be here. Ahhhh! Heaven.

  8. Minnesota Matron:

    The Matron can barely spell yarn, let alone knit it. Her splurge? Designer clothing for under $5 at ValuThrift. LOTS of it.

  9. sarah:

    i’d love to splurge on yarn. i’m still with red heart and lion brand b/c it’s what i can afford. i’ve been better about not blowing my money on books like i used to. crafts and hobbies in general are way too easy to splurge on.

    hope your little one’s finger is feeling better!

  10. Lavender Dreamer:

    I have to admit I bought yarn yesterday! I love fabric, trims, yarn…anything I can use to make something with! I would love to learn to make jewelry…someday!