My Winter WonderlaaaaAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to having the most wonderful and understanding employers in the entire world, I have all of Christmas Break off of work.

Two full weeks of relaxing, rejuvenating, therapeutic……

Oh,…..wait, I forgot. My kids aren’t going to be in school….

My three year old won’t be with my mother all day….

For TWO WHOLE weeks!

And thanks to two consecutive Winter Blizzards having swept across the Pacific Northwest, there’s a wall of fresh white snow standing tall behind the wheels of my car…..

And not a single adult to interact with as far as the mouth eye can scream see.


It would appear my Winter Wonderland may be quickly shifting towards the likes of an epic Horror film.


Send. Help. Soon. Very soon.


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  1. sarah:

    i hear your pain….heck, i feel your pain. at least mr. while they play will be home for part of the vacation and can help…or maybe make things worse. sometimes mine is like having another kid to entertain, feed and beg to clean up his mess.

  2. kalurah:

    Yes, Mr. Whiletheyplay will be around the whole time and I really cannot complain….he cleans up after himself and comes out of his office to feed himself!

    But I have a large amount of animosity against someone who just gets to shut himself up in a quiet room away from all of the chaos.
    I truly would’ve given anything to do that very thing yesterday!!

  3. sarah:

    heehee…i fixed that problem when our second was born. the office became the now 2 yr old baby’s room – and the office is a corner in the family room. we’re BOTH in the middle of the trains, trucks, fights and playhouse disney. he can only hide in the garage – which is too cold right now.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Good luck! I’m amazed at your snow–you may as well live in Wisconsin for all the weather you’ve been having. Bet the kids love it though.

  5. AmyL:

    hahahaha. I just emailed you to see how your “vacation” was going. I should have known to check here first! :) Maybe I need to move up my offer to do lunch from next week to ASAP?!?! I would come and kidnap you, except that my car is buried and I am reliant on my chaffeur to get around. :)

  6. Kalurah's Mom:

    Don't worry, Daddy and Mommy and your sister & brother will come see you tomorrow. Maybe we can play dominoes and a little "Rock Band"

  7. Rebekah:

    I just adore that picture of you in the snow with your Fisherman’s Wife Scarflet. Such a cool picture! I have already made my Fisherman’s Wife and have already started another one. I just finished the Vintage Driving Gloves and my husband took some pictures. Cant wait to upload them on my blog and flickr. I cant stop bragging about your patterns to people. :)