Scenes from Winter…

P.S. Is there white stuff there, where you’re at???


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  1. Kalurah's Mom:

    Yes! I was surprised to see on the news last night that we had 19″ in Walla Walla. It didn’t seem that deep to me, but when I went out and actually drove in it today, I could tell it was awfully deep. Brrrr!!!! Unfortunately there are a lot of ditzy drivers out there who are too dumb to clear the snow off their rigs or turn on their headlights and it seems like they all drive white cars! Duh! From the looks of things, this is going to stick around for at least a week more too. Be careful out there.

  2. Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch):

    What great shots!

  3. Emily:

    I’m in Boston and there is NO white stuff! I’m just hoping it doesn’t start when our plane is supposed to leave to head west.

  4. M:

    What great pictures! I miss my little cousins!!! And yes we still have snow! It’s so very pretty!

  5. Lauren:

    Um, ice is white – right?

    We tried to let Margot play outside a little, but with a high temp of 11!! it didn’t last very long. The snow was kind of *sharp*.

    Ugh. This crap better melt off before the 26th when we are driving there!

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    Oh the glorious fluffiness of that snow!

  7. sarah:

    we’ve been getting snow since the beginning of november. in fact, we had a good long rain and highs in the low 50s yesterday. most of it all finally melted and i found the bags of leaves at the curb that i raked and bagged before halloween. now we’re right back in the 20s and low 30s and it’s snowing…again. i can love it in december and even january but by february i’m so over it (and we still have march and april!). this year it started so much earlier, so i’m already pretty much over it. it’s cold and wet and takes half and hour to get the kids bundled and booted to go anywhere. and my husband leaves his snowsuit and all of his outdoor things all over the floor after he does the driveway. “to dry” he says. for 3 days! *sigh* better than a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, mudslide, wildfire or huge bug infestation at least.

  8. Licia:

    There is white stuff! I must say that the photo in your fishermans wife listing is fantastic! (Found via. Wende’s blog Evidently)