25 things….

Okay, I’ve stalled as long as I could. I’ve been “tagged” by 6 people now on FaceBook to list 25 random things about myself.

Oy! I despise these lists! When I first started blogging, I was totally game for these types of things but as time wore on, the bright and shiny newness of the Blogging world wore off.

Okay, so I’ve complained enough. Here we go. I will try my very hardest not to repeat anything from my 7 random things list or my 100 things list. Boy, this is gonna be tough….

1. I have extremely poor circulation. I like the Thermostat set to 75 in the house year round. If it drops below 60 outside, I’m “freezing”!

2. I have a scary numerical memory. I used to work at a Medical Clinic as a Floating Receptionist and I can STILL remember quite a few people’s house addresses and phone numbers.

3. I also posses a built-in “Celebrity Monitoring System”.

I will be watching a show or movie and recognize an actor/actress from a movie or show that was 30 years ago. I have an “eye” for it.

For Example: Mitch from Real Genius can be seen on Apollo 13, as one of the Ground Control


Benny, the wicked girlfriend from Pretty in Pink is Colonel Tigh’s wife AND the fifth and final

Cylon on Battlestar Galactica.

It is a gift. And a curse. I could go on….trust me!

4. I worked for 1 whole day at a local jewelry store. I quit the very next day. It was the most boring job I’ve ever had.

5. I HATE Avocados. I think they taste like earwax.

6. I LOVE Reality shows! They are appalling in absolutely every possible way and a prime example of the utter shallowness of the Human race but I can’t get enough of them!!

My favorites are (brace yourself) Dr. 90210, The Girls Next Door and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

7. I LOVE Dog the Bounty Hunter! I can’t get enough of it! I cannot explain it. The man is quite

possibly the nastiest looking creature on television and the soundtrack is some of the scariest music that I’ve heard but I just can’t get enough of that rush of adrenaline when they hunt down the “Bad” guys!

8. I touched Peter Murphy’s fingertip at a concert.

9. One summer when I was a teenager I lived on Cadbury Eggs. I would literally lay out in the

sun while eating one.

10. I yell and call people names in traffic.

11. I stole a toy from a store when I was about 4. My own mother even ratted me out. I didn’t end up serving any time though, so she’s off the hook.

12. I have a small piece of pencil lead in my left calf. When I was 12 years old, I was swinging my purse around and the pencil stabbed me right through the purse.

13. I’ve skinny dipped in the Columbia River with my cousins.

14. I played the Baritone in Third grade.

15. I hate to read. I am embarrassed to admit….I have read only three complete books in my entire life. A Wrinkle in Time, Love is a Mix Tape and The Princess Bride.

16. I sold a pair of my Slouch Grunge Gloves to Courtney Love.

17. I often ask someone a question and immediately forget the answer. It’s involuntary and extremely aggravating.

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