25 things….

18. I am obsessed with Degrassi: The New Generation. A Canadian produced teen soap, if you

will. I watched the Original Degrassi series when I was younger and I am still addicted to the corny, teeny-bopper story lines. They air from 11pm to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays and I try my best to stay up as late as I can to watch every single one.

I am seriously contemplating getting Tivo just so I won’t miss them!

19. I love gore! Shows with actual medical examinations going on. Give me a man with a large

nail through his head, a chest being opened up on the table. A severed limb. I think I am the only one I know who gets a rush walking past a Hospital Emergency Room.

20. It’s been pointed out to me that I smell my food right before I eat it.

21. I am NOT a drinker. I hate alcohol. Unless it’s masked with plenty of coffee or sugary


22. I LOVE brussel sprouts.

23. I got detention in Junior High on a regular basis for chewing gum and rolling my eyes in History Class. I was even forced to stick my gum on the end of my nose and leave it there for the rest of class.

24. I hate water. I have to add things to it to stomach drinking it.

25. I get asked regularly, “What are you?”. I am assuming this is due to the fact that I have an “ethnic” look to my facial appearance, due to being part Japanese.

But this actually comes off more as, “What planet are you from?”, “Do you breathe through

your nose or do you have hidden gills?” .

Ahhhhhhhhh…..All done. Finally. And I commend you for being able to sit through it all.

Hello???? Hello!!!!!! Are you still there?

Apparently, I am supposed to “tag” 25 other people I know now. But seeing as how I am quite fond of all of the people I know,I am going to refrain.

If this sounds like fun to you and you feel like wasting a half hour or so of your life, knock yourself out! I actually do find these a bit entertaining. Especially, when I find out new things I didn’t already know about my friends.

If you decide NOT to play, leave me a comment with 1 random thing about YOU. You know 25 things about me, after all. It’s only fair!

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  1. ame:

    I love DOG the Bounty Hunter TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have a piece of pencil led stuck in the palm of my right hand from when I was younger.

  2. kalurah:

    Ooooh! That IS freaky!
    I think it is hysterical how Dog and his family pray right before they go out to capture the “bad” guys. And yet, I really do believe that they are doing what they do because they care about people and about their community.
    I can’t get enough of that show.

  3. stacy:

    I love your answers! I have a piece of lead in my right hip from sitting on the silly pencil.

    Heath has had dentention for chewing gum and talking too much! I don’t know where he gets it from lol

  4. sarah:

    i did this on my facebook page a couple weeks ago :) i just cut and paste. i’ve been told i should have included the gigantic crush i have on vin diesel.

    1. i love a good drama or romantic movie, but will always choose comedy or action first if given a choice.
    2. i love old muscle cars.
    3. i have to call my husband to help me if i need to alter measurements in a recipe.
    4. i’m an off the charts introvert – and if i say i’m too tired to go out, it’s b/c i really am. i’m completely drained.
    5. i have no desire to go back to the real working world.
    6. i’m finally making friends back home, but will never find friends like those i left in MD (and temporarily transplanted to State College)
    7. i wish i had been less serious and had more fun when i was young.
    8. i’m teaching myself to knit and sew and soon crochet….and i think i’m addicted.
    9. i love to cook and seldom ever follow a recipe exactly.
    10. when i bake there’s a 50/50 chance that the dish will catch on fire or explode.
    11. i’m not perfect but am a perfectionist.
    12. i’m smarter than some think i am, but not as smart as others think i am.
    13. i can read, interpret, write essays on and discuss the heavy literary tomes but just prefer to bury my nose in juvy lit, young adult and historical fiction.
    14. i wish i still had all the stuff i wrote in highschool.
    15. i never practiced piano as much as i should have in college.
    16. if we could afford it, i’d want to get my masters in creative writing but i’d probably get an mls instead. reality always wins out.
    17. i’d like to have at least one more baby, someday.
    18. i have a hard time with stress.
    19. at nearly 30, i’m still trying to figure out the balance between not letting people walk all over me and coming off sounding like a bitch.
    20. most people don’t know when i’m joking.
    21. i can’t sleep without my husband.
    22. i’m one of those moms who: gave birth to both my kids without drugs or an epi, insisted they room in (and they slept in my bed), begged to be allowed to go home (30 minutes after josh was born), nursed in public and would have nursed them till nearly 2 if other circumstances hadn’t prevented that. if i do it all again, i’d want to try a home birth and cloth diapers.
    23. i don’t drink wine.
    24. i gave up caffeine, for good.
    25. my favorite part of sushi is the wasabi and pickled ginger.

  5. kalurah:

    @ Ame & Stacy~

    WOW!! I'm really surprised by the amount of people (besides me) who can't manage to use a #2 pencil properly!!! ;)


    I love #25! I agree. The pickled ginger isn't really a condiment to the sushi. It's more of the appetizer! ;)

  6. Jen Anderson:

    I do #17 too. Or I’ll think to ask someone a question, and then think that I asked them and forgot the answer.

  7. AmyL:

    I never noticed that you smell your food before you eat! The things we learn about our friends. :) I think that a random history thing about me is that when I was sixteen I got in an accident with an 18 wheeler and lost all feeling in my knees for about two years. Other than that and a couple scars on my face that most people don’t notice anymore, I was fine. I think the worst part was calling my mom on vacation at the coast to tell her that I had totalled her car and was in the ER. :)

  8. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    I wish I could always watch TV and movies with you because I’m always asking, “Who IS that? They look familiar…” and no one ever knows. This list was fascinating. You came up with good stuff.

    Random fact about me: I couldn’t tell time on a face clock until I was in high school.

  9. kalurah:

    WHY, oh WHY do we do that???? It’s so frustrating!!! I make so many people mad when I do it, too.

    I’ve NEVER noticed ANY facial scars!
    I am usually too busy admiring your flawless complexion. :)

    Green Girl~
    Yes, my Celebrity spotting abilities have the tendency of annoying me though because I recognize all these different people and then the person I’m watching the movie with say’s, “They were in what? I never saw that.”
    Ooooohhh!! That’s so annoying! My special freak talent gone unnoticed! :P

  10. hiccupp:

    lol…I love dog too, and those prison shows (lock up and the like) my husband doesn’t get it bc I’ll be sitting knitting, watching felons on tv. *shrug* :)

    You sold a pair to courtney love????? srsly? wowza :)

    uhm…my 25 is on facebook. Random that’s not on that list…I almost ALWAYS have on 2 shirts, if I don’t have on an ‘undershirt’ I can’t stand it. I’m getting better…

    I always rinse my cups before drinking out of them, just habit.

    I smell my yarn ;)

  11. HomeMadeOriginals:

    Hmmm, just wanted to say congrats on the front page of Etsy…however, one random thing….
    I love to sit around in my pj’s and sip (decaf) coffee on days when I don’t have to go to work.