A Meme :: Love me, Love me Not……

Okay, so I have played along with all of the little games of Blog Tagging that has gone on over time.

I decided to make up one of my own. I think this one will be pretty fun.

I would love it if you would all play along but if you can’t stand stuff like this, I understand.

It’s still ALOT of fun to read other peoples! ;)

Here we go. The (very loose) rules:

1. List 5 things you do NOT love about yourself.

2. Then list 5 things you DO love about yourself.

3. Tag 5 other people.

4. Check back with the 5 people you tagged. You may be surprised to find out how many things you have in common.

It’s quite interesting when we find out that for all of those things we dislike about ourselves, there are just as many, if not even MORE that we discover we love about ourself!

Here is my list….

Love me NOT ::

1. My skin color. I have Japanese skin that is a very special shade of yellow. Not a fair porcelain or an olive tone. But what I like to call…..Simpson’s Hue.

2. I am extremely indecisive. When it comes time for dinner, I have a panic attack. When a friend asks where we should go for lunch, my stomach and my brain suffer total lock-down.

3. I am very hyper critical. Of both myself and of others. Not a becoming trait but I find myself doing it without even thinking about it. Until AFTER I’ve criticized. At which time, I feel totally horrible about it!

4. My teeth. I have the unhealthiest teeth of just about anyone I know. More silver than a Nevada Mineshaft.

5. I am fatally addicted to sugar. I need it in my morning coffee, my afternoon coffee and most definitely require a fair amount of grams in my evening desert!

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