A Meme :: Love me, Love me Not……

LOVE me ::
1. My eye color. I’ve received complements my entire life about my green eyes. No matter how crappy my skin might look on any particular day, I am always happy with my eyes! 2. My Creativity. I can’t function unless I have some sort of project in my midst. Photography, Crochet, Jewelry making, Collage, Watercolor, Drawing. I love creating so much, I produced three very beautiful works of art together with my husband. (Zoe, Zachary and Zander) 3. My handwriting. Not too sloppy, not too perfect. Not too thin, not too bubbly. I even got hired for a job based solely on my handwriting on the Application. 4. My womanly curves. I may weigh 30 lbs more than I did when I first met my husband. But those wide hips helped bear my three beautiful babies and I certainly wouldn’t take back those moments for anything in the world! (Besides, I can totally rock a pencil skirt, thanks to the “junk” in my “trunk” and I can walk into a Victoria’s Secret with my head~and the “girls” held high!) ;) 5. My nose. When I was younger, I thought I looked like Miss Piggy but I have grown to love my slightly upturned, cute as a button nose! Now for yours! Let me know if you’re playing along, so I can read your lists. And don’t forget to tag some of your friends and family who you’d like to learn a little more about.
I hereby tag the following people (play if you like): Lauren Tiffany Emily Green Girl in Wisconsin Pepper

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  1. Kalurah's Mom:

    Thank you for not tagging your mother! The list of things I do not like about myself would be too long to list and the list about the things I do like would be way too short. I will tell you the top two: I do not like that I have a lot less patience than I should have, especially since your Father is the very epitome of patience. The thing I do like is that I am a very spiritual-minded person and feel the happiest when I fill my spiritual needs as fully as possible through the activities that I know God requires of me.
    Your list is very accurate and I agree with them, except your skin colour which I find much nicer than mine which is best described as fluorescent white. Be thankful that I married a Japanese man with great pigment to even things out.

  2. AmyL:

    I agree with your mom, I think your skin color is awesome. I am totally jealous of it. You look amazing in all the colors that I like and can’t have within five feet of my face, or I look like I am deathly ill. I do think that you are right about your creativity though. I think that is what of the things I most admire about you. You are fearlessly creative, always willing to dive in head first and succeed at a new way of expressing yourself.
    As for me, I suppose I will let you in on two each of things I do and do not like about myself.
    Do Not :
    I am short. Nothing fits me without altering. Ever. Mini skirts come to my knees and I trip on my pants if I don’t hem them.
    I can be a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes. I am not sure what I am afraid of, since I have never broken any bones, but nonetheless I get ridiculously nervous when I am on something high, or going fast. It is something that I am working on and soon I will be racing around on high wires with numerous broken limbs. :) j/k
    My boobs. I hated them when I was younger and thought it horrible that nothing could drape on me, now I have come to terms and love them. As a friend once told me, I have cleavage in a turtleneck. It’s great. :)
    I am smart and love to learn new things. I know sometimes I come across as the dippy blonde, because it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited(can we say yarn baller?), but I really do have some brains inside my platinum head, I swear. :) My close friends all know this and I love them for it.
    Whew that was a fairly long post. Hope I left enough room for everyone else. :)

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    What fun! I shall play tag with you;)
    I am in constant awe of your creativity. I wish I could do the things you do.

  4. Kathy:

    Gorgeous photo of “glowing bud!”