Woes of Fiber Arts Addiction…

Over a month ago, my husband and I took our oldest boy with us shopping about an hour away from home. We were looking for a new mattress set and also a new computer. Due to the length of time I knew I’d be spending in transit, I decided to bring along my current knitting project.

We hopped in and out of the car several times, between this store and that.

After leaving Toys R’ Us, as we approached our vehicle, I caught a glimpse of something green and wispy hovering beside the passenger door.


As I got closer, I realized what it was. And also realized that clearly, if this addiction of mine was going to continue, I was going to have to bring in reinforcements.

Any suggestions for a smart and chic Yarn Bag?????

P.S. Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from your Addiction?


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  1. Lauren:

    Oh boy… I would have been irritated!

    I am currently knitting a felted tote for carting around my current projects!! I am so excited… the project is up on my Ravelry page if you want to take a peek!

  2. Kathy:

    You keep good company! Tracy Ullman tells a story where she once chased a London taxi cab several blocks after she discovered the same ‘yarn trail’— Apparently several people joined her chase because they assumed she’d lost something (or someone) of great value. Of course when the do-gooders found they’d recovered nothing more than a swatch of unraveled knitting… “bloody actresses!” was the general consensus.

    A clear vinyl yarn caddy with grommet hole to feed yarn through is very handy for preventing ‘wandering yarn.’ You’re so crafty, you could make your own version to suit your style. I saw it at:


  3. sarah:

    right now my current project travels with me in one of those cloth grocery bags. it’s ok. but i’d love something that actually had little pockets to keep the scissors and other little things in.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin:

    How funny! That’s a great shade of green, though.

  5. goblinbox:

    Ziplock baggies!

  6. AmyL:

    I think that you need to look through the catalogs at work. There are some awesome bags and they would be cheap for us. I also want a new knitting bag, we should do research in the catalogs together. From my experience, I will be looking for a couple of different compartments (because what fun is it to only have one project with you) and lots of little closed pockets to keep my scissors, stitch markers, needles and lots of other goodies safe. Plus it has to look cool to just carry around downtown. :)

  7. KleeGirl:

    Ah jeepers, that is SO typical, yarn lady!