Indian Summer ~ FREE knitting pattern!


I’ve just finished my second knitting pattern! YAY!!! Who says no good can come from an entire week of the Flu??? What else was I to do!?

You can download the pattern here. Be sure to share your pics and pattern notes on ravelry:)

Have a fabulous week!


9 comments on this post.
  1. Kathy:

    How crafty and beautiful are you?!!!
    Gorgeous pattern, too.

  2. kalurah:

    thank you, Kathy! I am so excited by the response to this pattern!
    stay tuned for a cabled fingerless glove pattern in the next couple weeks. :)

  3. urban craft:

    wow, beautiful work. I really really really want to be a better knitter so that I can make that hat. I love it. And I checked out your tweets in the sidebar. FYI, you can’t delete your facebook account. You can inactivate it but your info is there (or theirs) forever.

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