Falling for knits…


I can feel it starting….the air is feeling ever so slightly crisper, thinner, fresher. Fall is coming soon. I know it is because the box of fresh crayons and bottle of Elmer’s glue told me so!

School will be starting in just over a week. I’ll be heading down to the basement to pull out the lightweight jackets and stocking the kids dresser drawers with a full arsenal of socks.

For myself, fall means back-to-work for my etsy shoppe. Orders are beginning to trickle in from all of the far reaching lands where winter has already made it’s appearance.

Time for some fresh new shoppe items!

I am totally addicted to knitting now, thanks to my friend Amy! Who knew that all it would take is just learning to knit Continental style as opposed to Traditionally.


My newest knit pattern is the Trilsean Gloves. “Tril-shane” is the Gaelic word for braid. A very fitting name for these gloves since they have an offset celtic cable running down the length. These can be knit up in a matter of hours. A perfect weekend project. My pattern is all ready made up and I just need some eager volunteers to test it out for me!

If you’d like to test it out, just leave a comment on this post along with your email address.  :)


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  1. Lorena:

    I love these and although I would love to test this for you I am terrified of cables! But please keep the knitting patterns coming! I’m loving what you’ve come up with thus far! MAybe a shawlette next??? (hint? hint?)

  2. robin:

    I’ve never done cables before but these are fab! If you want I could try them… I’m sure not all who purchase a pattern would be expert cable makers so maybe I’d be a good fit?
    What weight of yarn? I’d have to see if I have it.
    I’d love to try it if you’d like.

  3. debbie:

    Hey Kalura,

    Would love to test these for you. Will you ever have a pattern fot the fishermans wife blanket?



  4. kalurah:

    Great, I’ll send it along! Thanks for volunteering. :)
    I am still working on the actual pattern for the Fisherman’s Wife Shawl. It has some tricky stitches that I want to be sure to explain clearly and get lot’s of photos of (step-by-step). You know ME! Very, very thorough, almost to a fault! ;)
    Will def. keep you posted when I do. :)

  5. Ashley:

    Hi! These gloves are so lovely! I would love to test knit, I have been designing patterns for a book, and I have had lots of test knitters, so I know what kind of feedback I have been hoping to get, so hopefully I can send some helpful feedback your way :] I can get started right away, but if you don’t need anymore test knitters, I will definitely be purchasing the pattern to make some :]

  6. Jeme:

    Hi there – I’d love to test knit these for you. I could probably whip them up this weekend pretty easily as I have a 6 or 7 hour meeting to sit thru on Saturday. I’m Jemgirl on Ravelry if you’d like to check out items that I’ve done in the past.
    Thanks much