a thousand sales…



wow! it hardly seems possible! tuesday, i reached my one thousandth etsy sale! where did the time go???


if only i could think of some way to celebrate such a hallmark??????


let's see......what, oh what could i do?????


if only i had something that i could giveaway!!!???


like maybe an elegant neck warmer.

or a sweet beret.

or a lovely pair of romantic gauntlets.

or a gorgeous shawl!

hmmmmmmm....... how about all four????

a perfect fall/winter wardrobe, each piece in Winter white.

now, does that sound like a proper way to celebrate this hallmark, or what!

i wish i could make a set for ALL of you but alas, time just doesn't permit.

nor do i have little worker elves at my beckon call.

so, i will have to settle for a drawing!

if you would love to win all of this hand made goodness, just leave a sweet little comment on this post!

as always, if you blog, tweet, facebook, text, "shout from the rooftops" about the giveaway,

you will receive 2 additional entries!!!

fine print (in bold print!) ::

~you MUST supply your email address in order to enter! (you can also email me your entry instead of in the comments)

~entries are warmly welcomed from ANYWHERE in the world.

~ if you do blog, etc about the giveaway, please let me know so right away!

~prize package includes all four items listed above (worth $240!!!)

~everything in package is custom handmade pieces, so winner will be asked for their sizes and

the complete gift package will be ready to ship within 2 weeks. pieces will only be made in Winter white colour.

<strike>~giveaway is open to entries until sunday, november 15th (midnight pst), so there is plenty of time to spread the word!

one winner will be randomly selected and announced the next day, monday november 16th.</strike>

now, go and do your thing! leave a comment, leave your email, then share the goodness with all of your friends!

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