the gift of inspiration….


a year ago, almost exactly, I came to my friend at work and told her I wanted to knit. I had been flirting with the notion for several months verbally and for about a year, mentally.

all thanks to ysolda. in my opinion, the most talented artist of all things knit and beautiful! her designs actually haunted me at night. her sweet and whimsical style stirred in me a passion to step further outside my creative bounds.

I always had wild fantasies of all of the grand creations I could muster up in my minds eye. shawls, gloves, scarves, sweaters and hats. they were gorgeous and dreamy wooly wisps  inside my head.

I never imagined a year later I would be selling my own knit designs on etsy and ravelry. these were just high expectations in the form of hopeful aspirations.

but I did it. with my friend’s encouraging and helpful coaxing. she helped me get down the basic knit stitch and purling. (casting on came much later, trust me!) and just when I thought all hope was lost, she introduced me to the world of Continental Knitting. as a Crocheter, I found it extremely difficult  to wrap my head around the whole concept of English Knitting (or Throwing).

I found, once I started knitting Continental, it just flowed. I found myself shelving all of my crochet hooks and building up my stockpile of knitting supplies, as if I were some crazed squirrel, bent on stuffing as much wool and needles into my hypothetical tree hollow.

knitting is my new vice, my drug of choice, my life blood, my crutch, my freedom. goodness, what would I do without it? I shudder to think, really!

so, then….you will understand the very cusp of my excitement and glee when I awoke Wednesday morning to find that I had a ravelry pattern sale to who other than……my inspiration! Ysolda!

she purchased my Fisherman’s Wife neck warmer crochet pattern and left this absolutely elating message in my inbox:



my reaction was just that. I was wisked away in a giddy stupor. words could not express my gratitude and glee at such a generous act from a complete stranger (albeit, my biggest knitting hero. but STILL!).

all that I COULD manage to rally were tears and sobs. YSOLDA! THE source of my inspiration. THE person who sparked in me the desire to push myself. words cannot express how her gesture moved me. well, I’m attempting to right now, believe me!

this all may seem trivial to some. especially to those who have wonderful things happen to them on a daily basis. but to me, this was huge! my life is full of little bits and pieces of wonderfulness from the hands of my husband, my daughter, my sons and close friends and family.

but this was somehow……. paramount. let’s just say it was the cherry on top of my remarkable life.

there. that’s it. the cherry. the very last ingredient. just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that massive dollop of whippped cream on top. a giant cherry falls down on top of it all.

and then you’re more content than you could possibly express.

thank you, Ysolda. and thank you, Amy. you two are truly why I have gotten as far as I have creatively.





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  1. amy:

    aaaahhhhh, Kalurah. :_) You are an amazingly talented woman in all you do and totally deserved this. But I still have to say it is phenomenal. I mean . . . .YSOLDA!!! (you know she is gonna start to think we are stalkers) She is our all time favorite designer and to think that she found your pattern and then that she loved it so much to do this for you. Just beyond words amazing. Congratulations and never stop dreaming!! :) Luv Ya!

  2. Kathy:

    this is so, so, so wonderful, Kalurah.
    Anyone who knows you or reads your blog would say that you and Ysolda are like two peas in a pod: remarkably gifted and generous spirits; shows in everything you do and create— it’s no wonder she “found” you ;)
    Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!

  3. Bindi:

    Congrats Kalurah! It’s a cloud 9 feeling for sure! Just ride that high straight through the holidays.

  4. Lisa Stone:


    I just came across your blog and I just hadddddd to write to you. I have been knitting for 25 years and have had a love affair with it for just as long. Unfortunately, I spent 20 years of it knitting in the closet. No one understood and many people stared. To my delight, knitting has become very popular and even sought after, as you well know.

    I have never had anyone to connect with about my knitting passion and when I came across your elegant description of your need to knit, I knew I had to know you better ;)

    And I wanted to tell you that I was once on a train and a man, sitting about 20 seats ahead of me, called all the way back to me to tell me that my ball of yarn had gotten loose! It had fallen from my bag and rolled and unwound all the way to the front of the train! How is that for a funny story! 9This is in regard to your post about the yarn out the car door ;) )

    Have great New Year and best of luck with your knitting and crochet. You are delightful and real.