Small packages…

I received a special little something in the post over the summer and I am quite proud of myself for keeping it secret for this long!

My very FIRST published pattern!!!

A very proud moment for me. One that I hope to repeat many times over!  :)

Of course this special moment would not be complete without having a Giveaway in celebration…..HELLO!

The prize…..

Your very own copy of the 2010 Crochet Pattern A Day Calender!

Just leave a sweet little comment on this post to enter. This time around, I am selecting a winner based on one simple question:

What/Who inspires you and why?

Comments will remain open until January 15th, midnight PST.

Have a splendid 2010 everyone!!!




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  1. debbie:

    Congratulations on your first published pattern. It’s beautiful.

  2. Ashley:

    I’m inspired every day, by a beautiful ballet dancer that I look up to, a beautiful piece of knitwear in a movie, or a really good book.
    Congratulations on your published pattern! I really love all your patterns!

  3. Candice:

    Congratulations on your pattern being published. I think that is wonderful! You inspire me everyday. I always go back to your Etsy or Ravelry site to check see what you have done. I hope that one day I can crochet as well as you do :] and someday pick up knitting as well. Congrats!

  4. Candice:

    I’d also like to add that my Mother-in-law also inspires me. She is the first one to inspire me because she would spend all her free time crocheting for friends and family. She is also the one who taught me the basics of crocheting and the one who got me interested in it. I am really thankful for her getting me into crocheting because I love it! I hope to become as good as her and as you like I said up above :]

  5. Jackie:

    Wow! Congratualtions, that’s amazing (about your first pattern being published). I live in a rural, very isolated part Australia so I don’t have the advantages of city folk in attending classes, viewing art galleries etc. Instead I look for inspiration in nature and our local surroundings, ideas I’ve seen online, in books, practical needs from family and friends and most of all from my mother. My mother passed away when I was young but I remember her experimenting in many crafty trends but her favourite past time was crocheting and unfortunately she passed so suddenly – I took it for granted that she would one day teach me. So here, I find myself viewing your site to get ideas and learn how to crochet and attempt other crafty adventures. I hope to inspire creativity with my daughter (ust 10 months old)so she may one day pass it on to her children and so on. Keep up your beautiful work! x Jackie

  6. Lorena:

    Congratulations! It must be so exciting to see your work in print!
    I’m inspired by color…of the things around me or of the materials I’m using.

  7. emma:

    well done on your first published pattern, you should be very proud of yourself! my two younger sisters both inspire me everyday to try and live life to the full as they have both become incurably ill in the last few years. there is only one life and we should all try to make ourselves and others happy by doing whatever we can. i have only just discovered your blog through ravelry and now you (and others like you) can make our day brighter just by sharing the little things that make all the difference to a day. many thanks and keep on inspiring! em x

  8. Heather:

    OMG what a great idea for a calendar!!!! Would love to win one!

    Congrats to you on being published!!!

  9. Heather:

    P.S. I am inspired by my patients. I am a hospice nurse and the courage I see in their eyes every day inspires me in so many ways.

  10. hieke:

    Congratulations! You must be very proud. Wonderfull moment to see your pattern in print in the calander. I hope for you that there will be more moments like that!!

  11. hieke:

    I now see I am invited to say who inspire me and why! I am inspired by nature for its colors, and by my mother who loves all the knitting/crochet I make!