“Thoroughly” New Knit Pattern!!!

I don’t know what it is but I’ve been craving romantic twenties fashion lately. The chic sophistication that screamed “empowerment” for women over 80 years ago still does it’s job in our modern world.

“You’re a ‘Modern’?” “Thoroughly!”

We certainly aren’t living with the same dated views and archaic expectations that were prominent in the roaring twenties but we still have strong women who stand out and make a name for themselves.

I am surrounded by them everyday. And as silly as it may seem, this was the inspiration for my newest knit design. I tried picturing some of the most inspiring women in history and then melded them with women who have touched me personally.

My friend,who despite working a high-stress MA job, still manages to make it look effortless and maintains beauty and grace while doing it. At the end of the day, she is still a loving mother and wife and lucky for me, a wonderful friend!

My mother, who showed me by example what it means to be strong and independent. She never held me back and never told me I couldn’t fulfill my dreams.

My sister, who just had to simply roll her eyes and watch her big sis continually trod down the wrong path only to welcome her once she came back. Never judging or scolding. But always there to support and love….and forgive.

A cousin and friend, who doesn’t let her current health condition get her down. Doesn’t focus on the negative but relies on her strength to upbuild her and so also upbuilds those around her.

I could go on easily.

But there just isn’t enough space. Not on this page. Not even in the smallest font.

Who inspires you? Strengthens you? Who makes you want to be the best you can be?


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  1. Virginia/Nin:

    EEPS! I love it :)

  2. Lisa Stone:

    I’m going to say that YOU inspire me! I think that you are very talented and lucky to be following your dreams. Your taste and abilities are beautiful. And you are very lucky to have these people in your life.