on my needles…

I have been totally smitten with this pattern lately. I picture it all finished and blocked layed out over a crisp white bedspread, as a Coverlet. Oooh…ahhhhh….

A Bed spread may seem like an odd knit during the cusp of summer but someone’s Hubby likes it frigid in the bedroom at night. Bbbbrrrrrr….. This is the perfect (AND prettiest!) compromise.

It is a nice “mindless” knit and is done on size 10′s, so you see you’re progress quickly before getting bored with the pattern. Only problem…I’ve ran out of yarn.   I hate it when that happens! If only I had little “sheepy” friends roaming around my back yard, who could help me with that dilemma.

Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood (aka Brookyn Tweed).

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