summer, where art thou?

oh my, where did the summer go? I blinked and it was gone, just like that.

seeing it slip by made me especially sad this year because I knew it meant that I would be sending my 5 year old to Kindergarten FOR THE LAST TIME.

I did it with Zoe when she was 5 and with Zach when he was 5. you would think this old gal was used to it by now.

But she is not.

I think what makes it so hard this time around is that my little guy is such a home-body. He doesn’t mind staying at home and kicking back with mom. He loves waking up and flipping on the xbox and having the entire couch all to himself, without the intrusions of his siblings.

And I must say, I’ve grown to love this little routine we had together. But it’s ending.

The thought is rough. I haven’t yet accepted it. Just give me time…. how ’bout ONE MORE year????

“Dear Kindergarten,    I’m NOT ready yet. Come back next year. Or maybe the year AFTER that!”


How did you get through this transition, Veteran Moms???


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  1. likerussell:

    Mine starts kindergarten next year and I am already on the verge of tears.